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Yo it's Teqneek. I've been wanting to release a compilation album of my favorite HDC tracks for a while now, but never got around to it. Now I'm getting around to it.

This isn't really a "Greatest Hits" album; it's more of a "Most Memorable Songs For Me" album. But Y'all gonna love this shit. Some awesome stuff on here for real, and a lot of it may be new to some of you. So yeah, enjoy your hard work people!

Edited by: Qwaint


released August 6, 2013

Featured Emcees:

Axtekk - axtekk.newgrounds.com/audio/
Blasphem-E - soundcloud.com/blasphem-e
Breaker - soundbreaker.newgrounds.com
Bummer City Town - soundcloud.com/BummerCity
Butsaay (VAMO) - soundcloud.com/vamo1
Byron - byrontherapper.newgrounds.com
Eye-Cue - eye-cue.newgrounds.com
Fats - soundcloud.com/scone
Jakobe - soundcloud.com/jakobepaulobe
Kill Bill - exordiummusic.bandcamp.com
Megalithic Enigma
Mickey Mao
Rezzy Tip
Sky from D-Squad
War Spawn

Featured Producers:
DJ Shak
Sky From D-Squad
Others I forgot, hit me up and I’ll credit you!



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Humble Drum Circle Earth, Texas

We are a bunch of people who rap and make rap beats. And other stuff too.
Here you can find Humble Drum Circle Mixtapes and Solo Albums from our members.

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Track Name: Kill Bill Hype
Kill Bill's Hype Track for the 2012 Clabtrap Competition is dope as all ha'ell. So that's why I have decided to include it in this mixtape.
Track Name: Sunlight- War Spawn
Spawn had me check this track out to see if the levels sounded right, and I fell in love with it. Like, sexually.
Track Name: Paralytic Cypher - Sky, Jakobe, Byron, Butsaay, Fats, Blasphem-e, Rampant
Dope Cypher. Beat by Rama
Track Name: Shots Fired (2013 Hype) - Teqneek
I decided to go all out this year, and made a 6 minute, 44 emcee diss track as my entry into the 2013 Clabtrap comp.
Track Name: Shots Fired Back - 4fterThot & BloodPre$ha (Mickey Mao & Sunra)
Mickey Mao trolled the shit out of Teqneek during the '13 Clabtrap Competition as 4fterthot. Sunra joined in on the fun, and I think someone else is on the track too but idk who it is.
Track Name: Heebie Jeebies - Fats & Poniiboi
From Fats' debut EP 'A Word In Edgeways'. This song get me pumped!
Track Name: Rezzy Tip vs Breaker
Round 1 matchup from the 2012 Clabtrap Competition. This was an entertaining and memorable battle for me.
Track Name: Call Me A Hater - Blasphem-e, Intaflex, Gasmasq
From Blasphem-e's debut album 'Life'. This is a good one featuring one of our fallen soldiers, Gasmasq. FREE GASMASQ!!! So I can kick his ass in a battle!
Track Name: Schizophonics - Butsaay, Fats, & Teq
We tried to 'out-crazy' each other in this one. This track was really fun to make. And Mickey Mao said he heard some random college student playing this on campus, so that's pretty awesome.
Track Name: HDC Diss - Megalithic Enigma
The most mind-blowing diss track I've ever heard. Seriously, this fucking song is incredible; never heard anything like it before. Embrace the Enigmaaaa......
Track Name: tvJohnny Hype
tvJohnny made a huge entrance on the hip hop scene in 2012, when he blindsided us all with this amazing hype track.

But he left just as abruptly as he came, and disappeared shortly after his round 1 battle with Scuare. I miss tvJohnny.
Track Name: Moses II (DJ Ses Diss) - Kill Bill
DJ Ses uses computer wizardry to make all our song ratings go down, and he cheated his way to a monopoly on the NG Hip Hop charts. Kill Bill dissed him. Hard, yo.
Track Name: The God of War - SonicWombat
Awesome acoustic narrative of the original God of War storyline. Mad props to Sonic on this.
Track Name: Cut Ya Throat Cypher - Fats, EQ, Jakobe, Eye-Cue
Dope cypher, featuring some fast-spittin' HDC cats
Track Name: MDJ vs Teqneek
MDJ and I had some serious internet beef going on, so we decided to squash it using the sacred art of blind 32 grudge matching. Axtekk custom-made this beat for the battle, awww yeah.
Track Name: tvJohnny Disses Kill Billl
His time on Newgrounds was short-lived, but tvJohnny left an everlasting impact on our lives. Here he is pretending to be Kill Bill. And doing a damn fine job at it, I might add.
Track Name: Blasphem-e (2012 Hype)
Back when he was Wyze-Stingray, he dropped this funny ass hype track. This was the first time I ever heard Wyze. Actually, the 2012 clabtrap Hype Tracks were the first time I ever heard any of you ass heads.
Track Name: Clouds & Lightning - Bummer City Town
Laid-back, chill, DOPE ass track from BCT's 'Story Nights' album. I love this song.
Track Name: Bichez On Ma Dick - Axtekk & Fats
Ax and Fats' entry for the ClabSwag mixtape. Man, that mixtape kicked ass, but it didn't get the promotion it deserved.
Track Name: Jakobe vs Sky
Round 1 battle from the 2013 Clabtrap Competition. And it's good, so... yeah.
Track Name: Get Angry - Byron
Byron is fuckin' pissed! He gonna run for mayor of Detroit and change the way things are done around these parts!
Track Name: Suicide Pill - Glitch
Glitch goin ape on a Defection beat.
Track Name: S.A.D. - Cerebro
Probably one of the greatest musical works of our time.
Track Name: Proper Wacky - Butsaay
This is a crazy Butsaay song. It's the track that really got me diggin' his music. Lyrics so deep.
Track Name: I'm Black Moses - Teqneek (as Black Moses)
I originally planned to enter Clabtrap 2013 as a 51 year-old born again Christian named Black Moses. He believes God sent him on a mission to save the souls of his competitors through the power of rap battling. DJ Shak made a crunk ass beat for this, and Black Moses was born.

So the scheme was, I'd rap as Black Moses until I felt the need to reveal my true identity, then bust out the Teqneek mid - battle/verse. But yeah, my cover was blown and I never got to follow through with my plan.

Also, Butsaay was gonna burst on the scene as White Satan, and we were gonna do a 'Holy War' rap battle, but it never worked out. Mainly because my cover was blown, haha.
Track Name: Frying Fish Swagger - Axtekk
Back in Clabtrap 2012, Teq said he had bigger fish to fry when referring to his PiGPEN battle (or some shit), and then it got out of hand and everyone started talking about fish preparation methods and Clabtrap meeting up for a fish fry, or some shit.

Then Ax dropped down da hammer with this track and we all got back to beefin' again. I think that's what happened.
Track Name: Son, Yo' Done! - Cowboy Pruitt
My cousin recorded his drunk redneck co-worker's ranting, sent it through a program called Auto Rap, and got this back a minute later. Magic. I included it here because a lot of you got a kick out of this crazy bastard.
Track Name: Time (2013 Hype) - Vinstigator
Dope 2013 hype from Butsaay's main man Vinstigator!
Track Name: Torture Chamber - Cerebro
Cerebro goin' deep on the track.
Track Name: Butsaay vs Byron
You Suck,
Track Name: Dark Times - Eye Cue & EQ
Eye-Cue and EQ's entry for that annoying YouTube dude MK's contest.
Track Name: As Cool As I Am - Rampant
This is a funky Rampant rock ballad from his upcoming album 'Incorrigible'. Be on the lookout for it, as I have been for the last 15 years!
Track Name: Thanks - Wolfie
Wolfie's like, the chillest dude in HDC. He's the voice of reason in our little insane asylum. This track is really cool.
Track Name: BGS - Bummer City Town
From BCT's 'Story Nights' Album. The ladies like shakin' it to this song. Lyrics too deep..